Sensor technology

The V-22.Copter is an ideal flight platform, allowing any kind of sensor up to 2 kg to be mounted It can fulfill every wish for you. Digital Multi-Hyper spectral and visible cameras for the photogrammetry can be assembled under its body in very efficient and protected setup. V-22.Copter can be fitted with sensors according to your specific requirements and make it the perfect flight system for all documentary and surveying tasks

Areas of application

With a V-22.Copter you will be able to cover large areas efficiently and at the lowest cost using your sensors. In addition to aerial surveying, the V-22.Copter is also suited for many other application areas such as crisis management, environmental protection, monitoring, security, film and TV industry, as well as delivery services and logistics. Take off and lift your project to a new level.

The modular design of the V-22.Copter allows it to be assembled and made ready for use in a few minutes. To disassemble and store it in the sturdy transport box is just as fast.