Taktisches Brücken System


 The all new EasiBridge Sectional Tactical Bridging System has been designed to provide a lightweight, high
strength, portable bridging system with key features to make it more effective in the field. The system will
allow a single user to install a horizontal bridge across a span from 3.66m (12 feet) up to the maximum
length of 15.85m (52Feet) with access to one side only in under 30 seconds. The bridge system is capable of
supporting 200kgs with very minimal deflection.

The ladder sections are joined using a unique system which allows for a fast set up with a short ladder
sectional size of only 1.22m. The short sections concealed in the backpack carry bags allow covert teams to
access targets undetected before setting up the system to bridge from roof top to roof top or window to
window. The pack size has been kept to a minimum to allow easy transportation to the target location.
The ladder system is deployed from one side using a ladder launching trolley to provide quick deployment
across the span. The ladder is then flipped over to provide a rigid platform for the user to cross utilising the
same launching trolley which doubles up as a personnel carrier to cross the ladder in a safe and easy way
with minimal effort to the other side.